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Freshmen Orientation for Class 2019 Held in Yinxing Hospitality Management College


Orientation is the beginning of higher education and the first lesson for freshmen to understand their majors, adapt to the college education and integrate themselves into the college life. Orientation is a fundamental work to improve the talents cultivation quality inour college. The teaching departments in our college attach great importance to Year 2019 Freshmen Orientation, and have carried out orientations in various forms under the guidance of College Teaching Administration Office.

Freshmen Orientation Site of Hospitality Management Department

Opening Ceremony and Orientation Site of Tourism Management Department

Freshmen Orientation Site of Foreign Languages Department

Opening Ceremony and Orientation Site of Leisure and Sports Management Department

Hospitality Management Department invited senior managers from hospitality industries including Lian Huilin-manager of The Temple House, He Jie-general manager in Hilton Hotel, Chengdu Xiexin Center Chain, Sun Xiaojun-executive chef of Mingyuehui Catering, and Ganlu-senior personnel director in Chengdu International Finance Center of Jiulongcang Group. Thus, a group of Professional Teachers and Senior Managers carried out freshmen orientation in Hospitality Management Department. Tourism Management Department combined centralized campus orientation with awareness education tours in various industries including Chengdu Planning Museum, International Import and Export Trade Exhibition in New Convention and Exhibition Center and Chengdu Longyuan Cultural Communication Co., Ltd. Department of Foreign Languages and Department of Leisure and Sports Management invited senior students and alumni to communicate with freshmen and share their learning and growing experience.Professional teachers and counselors in the departments of BusinessAdministration, Information Management, Financial Management and Art Design cooperated to conduct freshmen orientations in the form of safety education, majors introduction and the matic class meetings.

Majors Introduction in Business Administration Department

Safety Education by Counselors in Information Management Department

Freshmen Orientation Site of  Financial Management Department

Majors Introduction by Professional Teachers in Art Design Department

Centered on professional talents cultivation, the teaching departments introduced information such as majors characteristics, curriculum system, credits distribution, learning methods needed for majors study, majors development including development status and prospects of relevant industries, employment trends, etc. Orientation is targeted for freshmen to clarify their learning objectives, stimulate their learning enthusiasm, guide them to establish career goals and properly development their careers.

At present, the Orientation has achieved expected results. Year 2019 freshmen are overall enthusiastic at learning with positive spiritual outlook.