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Welcoming Freshmen with “Heart”


As a hospitality management college, the college has always attached great importance to the work of welcoming freshmen. At the end of last semester, the college held apreparatory meeting and arranged and deployed the related work for welcoming the freshmen of Grade 2019 ahead of schedule. It was required that the service concept and level be further improved and full preparations be made, and that the work of welcoming freshmen be carried out meticulously and efficiently, so that the freshmen and their parents can feel the thoughtful and considerate service,which reflects the characteristics of the college. During the summer vacation,the relevant functional departments and teaching departments coordinated and had discussed many times, arranging and implementing the site layout, process optimization, volunteer training, information desk layout, network services,logistical support and other aspects in advance.

On the afternoon of August 30th, President Li Ming led a team to conduct a thorough and meticulous inspection of the preparations for the admission of freshmen of Grade 2019 and held a simulation rehearsal, and ordered on-site rectification of the problems foundin the inspection process.

College leaders inspect the welcoming scene.

At about 7:00 a.m.on August 31th, the relevant personnel of college departments and teaching departments started the tense yet orderly welcoming work. Student volunteers greeted every new student and parents with full enthusiasm, friendly smile and thoughtful service. They led freshmen to shuttle between the college gate, Yinxing Hall, student dormitories and canteen, and their busy figures could be seen everywhere on campus.

The volunteer guides freshmen to the registration area.

The volunteer helps freshmen carry the baggage.

The digital registration system further improved the efficiency of freshmen enrollment. Not yet entering the college gate, the freshmen had already handled a lot of matters on the Internet such as choosing dormitories, making preparations in advance and so on. The online registration system not only improved the work efficiency and shortened the registration procedure, but also made the data more accurate and convenient foroverall management and arrangement. It brought convenience to students and parents,and avoided the phenomenon of long queues and crowds.

The efficient registration scene

The registration work is in good order.

A huge student identity card opened a new chapter of youth. In the Yinxing Hall, many freshmen took photos with the huge student identity card and recorded their “First University Card” with the camera. It is hoped that all the freshmen can start a new phase of wonderful life in college and leave no regrets in their youth.

freshman took photos with the huge student identity card 

 All the staff in the college made a concerted effort and took actions for the work of welcoming new arrivals. At the welcoming scene, college leaders came to inspect the welcoming work from time to time, had a cordial talk with freshmen and their parents, and encouraged the staff and volunteers; leaders of teaching departments also came to the front line to communicate with parents and introduced the college and majors; teachers were full of enthusiasm and the welcoming work was in good order.

President Li Ming and executive vice-president Yu Yuan oversee and instruct the welcoming work on site.

Gong Yan, deputy secretaryof the Party Committee, secretary of the Commission for Discipline and Inspectionand chairman of the Union, 

learns about the progress of the welcoming work.

The freshman registers.

A freshman and her parent consult the departmentstaff.

A parent engages in an interactive activity heldby the Art Design Department.

The annual welcoming work is our routine work, but we never do it in a conventional way. Compared with the past, there was no lively atmosphere of lanterns and colorful flags,because the more important role and significance of the welcoming work is to educate the freshmen. It is hoped that every freshman can feel the academic fragrance and the sacredness of academic palace from every brick, every plant, everyone and everything on campus as they enter the college gate, so as to ignite their youthful passion of inspiring dreams and pursuing excellence.