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Department of E-Commerce & Information Management

Department of E-commerce and Information Managementadheres to open school-running idea, makes full use of various resources bothin and out of school, constantly raises the level of teaching and scientificresearch. It carries out "classroom teaching, post practice, socialpractice" the trinity teaching mode to realize the education idea of"everything for the development of students", prepare high qualifiedinter-disciplinary talents conforming to the need of the society.

The department has two bachelor degreeprograms:  Information Management and InformationSystems, Logistics Engineering and three three-year associate programs:Economic Information Management, E-commerce, Logistics Management, whichinclude information management, e-commerce, computer management, computerapplications and other professional direction. The deparment has 247 graduatesand 175 students are now at school.

Information Management and Information System

This program trains students to meet theneed of regional economy and to have good professional quality, knowledge ofmanagement, economics, computer information technology knowledge andapplication ability and master the information system planning, analysis,design, implementation and management method and technology, and to have bilityof information systems and information resources development and utilization.

Logistics Engineering

This program trains students to adapt tothe local economic development with theory and knowledge of logistics,operations research, transportation, such as management, mastering warehousing,transportation, packaging, distribution, circulation processing, informationprocessing and other modern logistics technology.

Economic Information and Management (Three-yearProgram)

This program trains students to have themodern management and economics bascic knowledge, and to master the computerapplication and economic information management ability, combining systemtheory and the information system analysis and design methods. Students can workin all levels of administrative departments, institutions, social organizationsand businesses engaged in economic information collection, processing,application and participate in the information system analysis, design,implementation, and maintenance work.

E-commerce (Three-yearProgram)

The program trains students with knowledgein development of e-commerce, information technology, modern managementscience, economics, to master e-commerce professional general and specializedmanagement ability, with independent analysis ability to solve practicalproblems. Students can work in enterprises of information services, marketingplanning, business innovation to carry out market research, informationprocessing, marketing planning, payment and delivery of e-commerce.

Logistics Management (Three-yearProgram)

This program trains students to mastermodern logistics management theory, logistics management practical ability, beable to work in the center of the industrial and commercial enterpriselogistics and third-party logistics company.